The Dharma Lounge Chair


The Dharma Lounge has come to fruition through the exploration of using text as both structure and decoration. The purpose of this chair is to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal / communal experiences and memories, substantiating the life of the product. Memories are intrinsic to human nature; we treasure these moments through out our lives. Thus, as the individual encounters the chair and revisits the hidden text a new experiential moment is attain,
for the individuals mind set is different every time. The text hidden within the structural make up of this product has been chosen for its wide range of meaning and interpretation, the possibilities are endless. In our highly competitive market today there are more and more product services available to the consumer allowing them to customize a particular product to suit their own lifestyle needs. The Dharma Lounge offers flexibility. Manufactured with a predetermined set of textual patterns based on preliminary human factors research; Palette
Industries can also make available the possibility to the individual to work in collaboration with the designers to create a personalized piece of furniture that would grow with them evolving over time.

The Dharma Lounge was debuted at the Interior Design Show in 2008 as a part of the Prototype Show. Due to popular demand, a small studio run of limited edition chairs were created and quickly sold out. Palette Industries is currently seeking manufacturers for larger production run. Manufacturers please contact us at here